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100 days old

It’s been 100 days since my baby boy came into this world.

In Japan, we have something called “Okuizome”(First meal) which is a Japanese traditional ritual that parents perform around the 100th day after the birth of their baby.
This is to wish the infant to never starve by sharing a celebratory meal.

Thanks to Nadaman, Island Shangri-la, we were able to spend this day with this beautiful dishes in a very nice setting. (To prepare this at home, it’s a pain…as you can see)


For a boy, all the dishes must be in red and the most senior relatives, usually the grandfather from father’s side pretends to feed the baby to wish him a long life.

The dishes are consisted of “one soup, three dishes” generally consists of red bean rice, whole grilled snapper, soup, ‘nimono’ (simmered food), and pickles.

There are meanings to each dishes here, such as the colour of carrot and radish being red and white which are the colour of celebration. Name of the snapper in Japanese is “Tai” which rhymes with a world “Medetai” meaning “joyful/happy event”

At the end of this ritual, the person feeding the baby touches the stone found at a shrine or at the waterfront with the chopsticks and then touches tips on the baby’s gums to wish for healthy growth of baby’s teeth.

By the time this all finished, baby L was just crying for his milk.

It’ll take another year or more till he has the palette to appreciate all of the goodness in Japanese cuisine…so us the parents happily enjoyed all of his delicious dishes.

May our son have a long happy life with good solid teeth!

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