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Even though I cut my son’s finger nails every other day, it takes TWO seconds for him to scratch himself.

When I find a bleeding scratch on my son’s face, I feel that feeling you get when you scratch the heel of your favorite high heels.

So, he needs mittens.

Because he loves chewing on them, it has to be made with cotton or some sort of baby friendly materials…so no fury stuff, unfortunately.

I bought these from John Lewis in London a while back.
It’s 100% organic cotton so it’s perfect for the purpose.

Debbie Bliss yarn

It’s called “Debbie Bliss eco baby” and I just love the colours!

Debbie Bliss yarn

It reminds me of Italian gelato…yum yum.

Anyways, with a basic double crochet, I made two pairs in different colours.
The edge is finished with single stitch.


It has a string sewn at the bottom to adjust the width of the wrist area.

My son is quite chubby and normal mitten’s stretchy band leaves red marks on his wrist…so this should be perfect for him.


It’s cotton so it can be easily washed and he can chew on it all he wants!

Hum hum hum.

Now he needs something for his cute little feet!

Baby feet

2 thoughts on “Crochet

  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love the colors you chose. ^_^ Oh, you feel so bad when you find your little one has a cut on their face! 😥 The mittens we have never seemed to stay on, though! Socks worked better. 😛


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